Saison Culturelle 2016

Saison Culturelle 2016

30 January 2015
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It shares the Saison culturelle and is the number 31: a prestigious achievement for our region. Are 31 years our cultural life is marked and accompanied by this anticipated event, requested and desired by our community. cultural moments, opportunities for fun, entertainment, but also for reflection will be the focus of this new edition .

The Saison culturelle 2015 16 will be as always in the name of the variety, plurality, exploration and discovery. The variety, because the kinds of entertainment will be offered the most varied, from theater, comedy, music to dance, because the offers take booting from companies and ideas generated in various parts of the world without neglecting those born in our territory that, in this area, has grown enormously reaching levels of excellence, because the shows are offered in our three languages​​. A number that is a choice, therefore, not a necessity nor an obligation, a number that reflects the current world where everyone can be reached and are part of a great community with stories, different customs and habits and the same dignity.

A community where art can become the common growth factor, contact, sharing, understanding. Finally, special attention was paid to the exploration of new forms of artistic expression. This focus on the idea that art is not an immutable object fixed forever in time, but a living material that breathes, which waxes and wanes with the man who creates it. A way of seeing the world that is changing and that accompanies man in his need to always express something more than daily. Thanks go to the Councillor staff has been able to invent a new Saison Culturelle that will surely meet the taste of our audience increasingly demanding and ever more sought after, a clear sign that the work of so many years has been able to shape the artistic consciousness of the Aosta Valley. (text by Emily Rini)

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